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Shipping Fees:  We use Canada Post for all our shipping to keep rates as low as possible and provide parcel tracking service for our customers.  We do not make money on shipping and to help offset the added cost and convenience of parcel tracking, we have reduced our product prices again by $3.00 for 2017 and beyond (Reduction of $8 since 2014!).  As our volumes grow, or we find better shipping options, we will pass on the savings to our customers.


Note to our US customers:   All our prices and shipping are listed and calculated in $CDN.  Your total order will be converted to $US by your credit card company so you will always get the most up to date exchange rate.  Currently, $1 CDN ~ $0.80 US which means that a $50 CDN total sale will cost a US customer just $40 US (not including any exchange fees your credit card may charge).


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