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Hockey Fans Show Their Pride!


Sports fans love their teams, but hockey fans are a unique breed!  Perhaps it stems from spending too many hours in frigid temperatures in arenas around the globe.  Or, it could be that we've been hit by pucks, sticks and body checks one too many times.  Whatever the case, hockey fans bleed team colours.  That's why we've created the most unique gift of the Christmas season, an authentic HockeyStocking!


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In 2010, husband and wife, Chad and Nancy Metcalf had a Christmas stocking made for their son out of one of his hockey teams socks and a skate lace with some custom sewn bits of fleece, felt and silvery material to create a one of a kind Christmas stocking!  Friends and family loved it so much when they saw it hanging on the mantle, they were encouraged to make more.  Over the next year the idea of bringing the stocking to market was pondered and then finally in 2012, the prototype was designed, high quality Canadian suppliers were sourced and the website was launched in September of 2012.  Our first sale was made to a hockey fan in PEI and from there our sales have grown steadily.  In 2013 we were approached by two retailers interested in our products and so began supplying retail outlets along with our own web sales.  Our goal is to have a stocking on the mantle of every hockey fan!


Our handmade products use the same materials found in professional equipment. We use high quality knit hockey sock material and professional quality skate laces, manufactured in Canada and we support Canadian distributors for all our other materials. Our stockings are lovingly sewn by home based seamstresses for a truly handmade, one of a kind product based on patterns for consistency


These large stockings will hold enough to make anyone's Christmas bright! Stocking dimensions are approximately 24 inches long (hanging) by 14 inches wide (at the skate). They also have a lot of 'give' to take odd shapes and just like knit hockey socks, retain their shape after being stretched.



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Ramara, ON Canada

L3V 0S1

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